Located in a little street near the canal and the centre of Sète, the restaurant is now a reference for the town and the many tourists who stay on this island where the singer and poet Georges Brassens was born. Les Amis de Georges is a little corner of Paris, a little bit of Montmartre in the middle of Sète with a décor of old records, guitars and other instruments on the walls. Many famous singers, from Patachou to Maxime Leforestier and Leo Ferré, Brel and Aznavour and many others are all still here with us.It’s much more than an atmosphere; it’s a trip back in time. Songs which marked their time, such as: le Gorille, les Bourgeois, Anarchistes, la Bohème, Rien de Rien, le Poinçonneur des Lilas, le métèque and others more still echo around Les Amis de Georges. I may have forgotten some but the diaporama we show before the show begins has them all. The show always starts around 9.30 with the songs of George Brassens and then French songs from Brassens’ time and new songwriters who sing and play their own songs. One, two and sometimes three artists share the stage and accompany themselves on the guitar, the accordion or the piano. Perched on the restaurant’s little stage in the spotlights which set them off from the decor, they sing the songs of their idols. The traditional meal is inexpensive, the service pleasant, especially for pleasant customers. There is something to suit all tastes.